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M/s United Rubber (PVT) Ltd. Is an automobile tyre manufacturing unit that was registered in 1990. The unit was commissioned in 1992 and achieved its target production in 1993. Its brand name “SILVERSTONE” has now become a synonym of quality and reliability with the distribution network all over the country.
The project is run by well-dedicated team that has experience of the rubber technology related to the automobile tyre with the history going back to 1981 when they started their unit of tyre retreading in July 1981. They developed it into a biggest retreading unit of the country in private sector. It is still in operation and is providing retreading services to the used tyres of their valuable clients all over Punjab and Khyber pakhtoon khwa provinces.

In 1990 the management decided to go for manufacturing new automobile tyre with their brand name Silverstone, the machinery was imported from Taiwan with the financial assistance of Pakistan industrial and Commercial Investment Corporation. The original scope of the project was the manufacture tyre for passenger cars and light truck with installed capacity of 300,000 tyre. The market response was very overwhelming.

Encouraged bye the good will and increased demand of their product in the market they went for first expansion of their unit in 1994 by adding 50% of their installed capacity in tyre manufacturing. They also increased the range of their product by adding tyre sized fitted in 16” rim used for jeep and tractor front. The installed capacity got increased to 150,000 tyres. The market response remained positive.

The manufacturing of Silverstone tyre is based on bias tyre technology. It was acquired and developed with indigenous resources. A well-equipped quality-testing lab, run by well-qualified and trained staff ensures the high quality of their product and consistency that is required to satisfy the needs of demanding client. Continuous demand of their product in the competitive tyre market is proof their success in keeping pace with the dynamic development in the tyre technology.

Their dedication to the quality policy in manufacturing process of their product and consistency in the method of work has made it easy for then to go for the ISO 9000 certification. They got ISO 9000 certification in September 2000 and as such become, The first ISO 9000 certified manufacturer in the country of tyres used in four-wheeler vehicles.

Message from CEO CEO

Since its establishment in 1992.the United Rubber (Pvt) Ltd. Has introduces numerous tyre and rubber products. Intent on enriching and contributing to the lives of every customer as well as society as a whole, URL is investing all of its energies in all production, sales and technology development processes. this is an ongoing process within the company. We must earn an even more solid reputation countrywide in order to achieve further growth as an excellent company. in doing so, retail and corporate value could be well considered the most concrete benchmark. I believe that “the mission of a manufacturer is to deliver the best products at competitive prices and on time”, which will in turn contribute to enhancing our value. Needless to say, the foundation for this mission requires the utmost attention to “safety and the environment.” we will imbue the leading technologies of every era with the passion of each and every member of URL and contribute to the greater happiness and well-being of individuals, society and the world.

Safarash Khan
United Rubber (Pvt) Ltd
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Message from Managing Director

At Silverstone tyres, we are ready to meet your most demanding expectations. With products that meet world class standard. Whether it is on the shop floor or on the highway. For us the customer is the first priority. Which is why we are expanding our network to reach out to every part of Pakistan and abroad with high performing tyres. Silverstone tyre is the perfect amalgam of a highly skilled workforce working with state-of-the-art technology at one of Pakistan’s most advanced infrastructure. We will strive to continue to serve our customer to the best of our ability. A reputation of enduring excellence, a universally admired quality standard, and an enviable position of a leader; these are all nut the results of a commitments that precedes any other priorities. Located at 70 industrial Estate Jamrud Road Peshawar. The manufacturing plant is a perfect example of sophisticated technology and a skilled workforce working hand in hand, the most modern machinery imported from abroad gives Silverstone tyres the technological edge required to maintain its current reputation for excellence. From Automatic tyre building machines to the latest Bagomatic machines for Automobile Tyre. The plant in well equipped with the best infrastructural back up. A highly qualified and well-trained work force further adds to the efficiency and productivity of the plant. A laboratory equipped with the latest instruments ensure that the most stringent quality standards an enforced. Furthermore, in house inspections by quality inspectors of internationally accredited agencies guarantees that no compromise on quality is ever made. The plant is a benchmark in excellence, the result of complete synchronization between men and machines. Ever setting standards to create new traditions in quality and value.

Akhtar Munir
United Rubber (Pvt) Ltd